If you are a leader inside an organization that is struggling with change, this is your book.  It contains everything you need to begin to safely and pragmatically engage your entire workforce to achieve rapid and lasting business agility.

Achieving authentic enterprise-wide business agility is no longer an option. Enterprises that can adjust and pivot based on changing conditions are the new winners. Those who cannot are being rapidly drained of talent, and that talent is being hired away by the more nimble, the more adaptive and the more inviting competition.

Innovation in leadership is what separates the winners from the losers and that is what this book is all about. With this book you will learn to safely and pragmatically pivot your leadership style to attract and retain top talent and create extremely high levels of employee engagement.

The process of organizational change and digital transformation can be quite expensive. INVITING LEADERSHIP gives you the know-how and confidence engage your entire workforce and reduce your consulting spend by up to 70%.  Large organizations typically spend millions of dollars for this kind of effort. Don’t you want to save some of that? INVITING LEADERSHIP shows you how to save millions in your overall consulting spend by engaging the entire workforce to improve the scores of everything you are measuring. INVITING LEADERSHIP shows you how to do more with less.

What’s Included

INVITING LEADERSHIP contains case studies and experience reports from actual clients who have successfully employed lnvitation-Based Change™ to identify opportunities, deeply engage employees, and achieve authentic and lasting business agility. This book presents the science and then describes a roadmap of very specific steps that you can take, today, to successfully address the challenges of leading a successful digital transformation inside your own organization.

In addition to offering very specific and clear guidance, INVITING LEADERSHIP also contains a general-purpose toolkit for implementing leadership invitations. These proven tools have been developed quietly over a 5-year period of engagement with dozens of client companies worldwide. The proven and practical tools in this book are the result of direct experience with executives in real organizations. We teach you how to mix and match these tools to improve your results.

INVITING LEADERSHIP is your tutorial, road map and reference guide for making the shift from leadership delegationto leadership invitation. It contains everything you need to get going NOW with create the kind of engaging organization that the very best talent is always attracted to.

What You’ll Find Inside

  • Tutorial: The Theory of Operation and the Mechanics of Invitation
    • Invitation differs from delegation in several essential respects; we explain the nuance and prepare you for your pivot
  • Tutorial: Case Studies and Experience Reports
    • The book includes rich narratives that explain exactly what happens when leadership focuses on engaging employees in service to higher performance
  • Tutorial: Step-by-Step Practical Applications: Implementing Invitation-Based Change™
    • INVITING LEADERSHIP is a toolkit that contains a set of the most effective techniques and methods we have developed over a 5-year period while consulting to organizations worldwide. We give you these tools and provide very specific guidance on how use them, and how to tailor and customize the application of these methods to your exact situation and context
  • Reference Guide:  INVITING LEADERSHIP contains detailed descriptions of over a dozen tools for engaging the whole workforce, for encouraging excellence, and for generating great results.

This book also includes:

  • Over 75 diagrams, tables and figures
  • Essential whitepapers and essays that have informed the Inviting Leadership method
  • Tools and resources any business leader can immediately leverage in pursuit of employee engagement and improved business outcomes
  • Specific User Guides and step-by-step instruction manuals in the Appendix
  • A rich Glossary of over 120 terms, including over 30 new terms that we introduce to describe the concepts and facilities of Invitation-Based Change
  • A rich bibliography of over 30 books and periodicals for deeper study
  • Links to over 200 supporting web pages and sources for deeper study, understanding and application

INVITING LEADERSHIP is your road map for achieving authentic and lasting Business Agility. You can order it here.

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