The Delegation of Responsibility without Authority (link)

This is a very common problem. Invitation helps solve it. (read more…)


Leadership Invitations: The Core Concepts (link)

Leadership invitations must be deliberately structured & designed to actually be effective. We cover the basics here. (read more…)


This book contains almost 400 pages, with over 70 diagrams, tables and figures, a rich Appendix with tools & resources, an extensive Bibliography, and a detailed Glossary that introduces over 30 new terms. INVITING LEADERSHIP is your complete business agility handbook, tutorial and reference guide.  (read more…)

Influences & Acknowledgments (link)

Many people helped out in the construction of this book, and every author builds on the previous work of others. We are grateful for those who helped out, and also for several  influencers whose work shaped our thinking. We are acknowledging those influences and helpers here. (read more…)

Foreword from Doug Kirkpatrick (link)

We are grateful to self-management expert and noted authority Doug Kirkpatrick, for his invited Foreword of the Inviting Leadership book.

Here’s the full thing, verbatim! (read more…)

Informal Authorization in Organizations (link)

There is the formal organization, and the informal organization. The formal system is formally managed, while the informal one is self-managed. The informal one rapidly responds to changing conditions. The informal one is super-efficient.  But wait:  just like the formal system, the informal system is always busy, managing flows of authority and authorization. (read more…)

Aligning Decisions with the Value Stream (link)

Changing the way decisions are getting made in your organization is not simple. Many people are invested in the decision-making status-quo, and they do rationally resist any change in decision-making. How then will you, the leader, re-align the decision-making to more fully support the flow of value? Answer: Use leadership invitations to begin the very messy process of change. (read more…)

Employee Engagement is Essential (link coming soon)

Engaged employees are essential to rapid and lasting change. There is no transformation of anything at all without engaged people. Here we explain the why, what and how.

Making a Decision Is Very Engaging (link)

What is it about decision-making that makes it so engaging? Why do invitations from leaders generate so much employee engagement? What is it about leadership invitation that leads to better business incomes and a even a subsequent increase in enterprise value? (read more…)

Great Results Require a LEADERSHIP INVITATION (link coming soon)

The path to great results is paved with invitations. Here’s why.