The Leading Business Agility™ Workshop

Rapid and lasting digital and agile transformation depends on leadership preparation, and on very high levels of employee engagement.  Digital and agile transformation is literally impossible without first preparing the leadership team to deliver on the employee engagement that is required to achieve success. Transformation is not simple.

Even when the top company leader is 100% committed, many who occupy roles on the leadership team will not be.  This is a very serious and common pattern, and it must be addressed first, before any enterprise transformation plan is formed or implemented. Doing so saves substantial time, effort and money.

Another problem is the need for rapid acquisition of new and essential skill sets.  The executives who will lead agile and digital transformation must know how to generate and then maintain very high levels of employee engagement.

No one is teaching this. But we are. And have the C-level references to prove the value. Call us. Our proven solution is a complete package of services that directly addresses and quickly solves these problems.

The LEADING BUSINESS AGILITY™ WORKSHOP is a two-day leadership learning event.

It is based on our experience in large organizations. And upon the proven tools, techniques and methods that are found in our three pioneering books on business agility:

Inviting Leadership: The business agility handbook for executives, the executives who must lead the entire organization through a rewarding and challenging experience of enterprise-wide change.

The OpenSpace Agility Handbook: The roadmap and implementation plan for delivering on rapid and lasting organizational change. This handbook describes a safe and pragmatic way to design and implement  90-day, enterprise-wide iterations of authentic change. Real and lasting change– the kind that generates  positive business outcomes again and again.

The Culture Game: The culture-change tutorial and reference guide for managers and team-leads who want better results, immediately. This book describes a set of 16 very specific actions any manager use to improve results, employee engagement, and culture.  

THE LEADING BUSINESS AGILITY WORKSHOP is leadership training for leaders. Leaders- at every level- who expected to deliver on enterprise-wide transformational change.

A primary goal of this experiential Workshop is to start the transformation of the entire leadership teamwell in advance of initiating any wider enterprise transformation effort.  

This Workshop prepares your leadership group for a transformation of the wider enterprise, and mitigates against the very real risk of failure.  Preparing the leadership group comes first. 

This Workshop includes 24 hours of executive coaching and enterprise consulting AFTER the class. This feature ensures that you gain confidence and competency in enterprise transformation, as you integrate and leverage the tools and techniques from the BUSINESS AGILITY LEADERSHIP Workshop.

How it Works:

  • You invite 30 or more leaders  and influencers from your company to participate, for 2 full days
  • Top leadership authorizes the event, and they are fully present in the room, attending as Workshop participants
  • You and your key people engage in a highly experiential, learn-by-doing experience where key new leadership skills are conveyed
  • Your key people exit the Workshop with group-level agreements and a game plan for digital and agile transformation.  Your leaders exit with the tools, experience, know-how and tools they need to safely, pragmatically and immediately improve results. They have agreements in place. They know their tools, and their plan, and how to execute it.
  • Your key people exit the Workshop with direct experience using the tools that are planned for use across the entire organization. They know exactly how it goes… and what to expect.
  • This complete package includes leadership coaching.  After the Workshop, we work immediately with your formal and informal leaders. The entire de facto leadership group. We work with them as they operationalize the methods, tools and practices experienced in the LEADING BUSINESS AGILITY WORKSHOP.

Outcomes and Learning Objectives:

This Workshop facilitates higher performance in your organization.

Formally authorized leaders and key influencers can expect the achieve the following objectives with this Workshop: 

  • Your leadership team is of one mind, aligned, and ready to support what’s about to happen. The entire leadership team is prepared for what is about to happen, and READY to lead the entire organization through a challenging and rewarding transition to higher performance
  • Your leadership team understands how to reduce the consulting spend on the transformation by as much as 70% by leveraging the power of employee engagement
  • You know how to use the specific new tools from the Workshop to focus your group on higher performance
  • You understand the power of invitation as a primary method of achieving higher levels of employee engagement as a leader
  • You know how to design boundaries and constraints as part of the invitations issued from the leadership team, in service to clarity and great results
  • You know how to use 3 specific measures to track your progress in the direction of higher performance.
  • You understand the key relationships by and between  authority, power, invitation, employee engagement, and much higher organizational performance.
  • You know how to begin actively working with your superiors, peers and direct reports to create much higher levels of organizational performance.
  • As a leadership group, you will
    • Exit the Workshop with a dozen new and specific tools for effectively encouraging higher performance and engagement
    • Have a detailed and tailored plan for creating higher performance in the organization
    • Have access to 24 hours of consulting for 90 days AFTER The Workshop

We have great C-level references for the LEADING BUSINESS AGILITY™ WORKSHOP™ and will provide them upon request.

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