Training Programs in Inviting Leadership™ and Invitation-Based Change™

We offer two distinct training programs:


  • The 1-day, public INVITING LEADERSHIP Workshop for individuals, and
  • The 2-day, private, on-site LEADING BUSINESS AGILITY Workshop for leadership teams.


Both courses include valuable certifications. The 1-day INVITING LEADERSHIP Workshop is the starting point. This course is delivered online, using live, real-time interactions and face-to-face video enabled by the ZOOM video platform.




The INVITING LEADERSHIP Workshop (8 hours) 

The INVITING LEADERSHIP Workshop is the introductory course. Leadership teams who want the private, on-site LEADING BUSINESS AGILITY Workshop delivered by the Daniel Mezick and Mark Sheffield must first have each of the individual leaders attend this online class.

You can explore the INVITING LEADERSHIP 1-day certification Workshop here:




TheLEADING BUSINESS AGILITY WORKSHOP is leadership training. This Workshop accelerates transformational change by starting with the leadership group. The executives and leadership teams who will lead agile and digital transformation must know how to generate and then maintain very high levels of employee engagement. We show you how.


This course is a deep and experiential, two-day learning event.

The design of the business agility leadership workshop is based on our experience in large organizations, and upon the proven tools, techniques and methods that are found in our three pioneering books on business agility:



The LEADING BUSINESS AGILITY WORKSHOP is leadership training for the leader group. The leaders- at every level- who are expected to deliver on enterprise-wide transformational change.

A primary goal of this experiential Workshop is to start the transformation of the entire leadership teamwell in advance of starting any wider enterprise transformation effort.  

This Workshop prepares your leadership group for a transformation of the wider enterprise, and mitigates against the very real risk of failure.  Preparing the leadership group comes first. 

You can explore the 2-day LEADING BUSINESS AGILITY certification Workshop for leadership teams, here: